1. What is Taguto?

    Taguto is what you think of when you just wished you could let another driver know what you're thinking.
    Taguto is completely open. No need to register a license plate. Simply enter in any license plate for any province, state or country to view that license plate's public profile with messages left by other users.
    Leave a message, add a plate to your watch list for e-mail alerts, etc.
    Use Taguto to let someone know they parked in your spot, that their tail light is out, that you think they're beautiful, etc.
    Use Taguto to make sure that nanny you hired to drive around your kids doesn't have a history of road rage. The possibilities are endless. It's up to you!
    Mobile optimized to use from your phone, but please do not use Taguto while driving.

  2. How can I submit a license plate graphic that is missing?

    Download the generic plate template or the European plate template and email us the graphic at [email protected] . We greatly appreciate all help and will reward you in the future.

  3. How much does it cost?

    It's free and always will be except for some banners we might place to help cover hosting costs

  4. Is there a mobile version?

    While we don't YET have a mobile app for all devices, this site is optimized for mobile browsers. This means if it is not working properly on your mobile phone please let us know via the 'Feedback' box to the right of the page.

  5. Can I post personal information?

    Please avoid posting the address or name of a particular driver.

  6. Is this legal?

    Public license plates have no privacy issues as they hang off the back of cars and are visible to the general pulic to view.

  7. My area's license plate isn't appearing!

    As there are hundreds of license plates we will slowly add them. Want to help out? Contact us to let us know you REALLY want the plate up fast!

  8. Why is my country / state / province not listed?

    We add countries (and sometimes states) automatically as users join and we detect their area. For example, until a user from Romania joins we won't have Romania under the drop down. If you are from a country and it is not appearing chances are we couldn't detect where you're from. Contact us and we'll add your region manually.

  9. Where can I buy some stickers to let others know I left a message?

    We will have a store up shortly where you can purchase such stickers

  10. Someone left a bumper sticker on my car, what do I do?

    Well you can leave it on or take it off, it's up to you. But first check out your feedback on your driving or parking!